Open Source SOA Implementation

Hardly would there be anybody who hasnt heard or been a part of the SOA hype over the couple of years. It seems as if an entire industry is converging towards this amazing concept of sharing, interoperability and plug-ability. For long software architects for medium and large businesses have always had to go through a nightmare while designing systems that were heterogeneous. Well this is not a blog to present the advantages and disadvantages of SOA, its various pros and cons and the ideas revolving around its concepts.

Neverthless there has been a host of vendors that have leaped to embrace SOA and have created an entire product suite/stack for implementing it. For instance there is BEA with its entire Weblogic and Aqualogic suite, IBM with its Websphere Development Studio, Tibco, WebMethods and a host of other proprietary vendors.

I have however tried to make a presentation on how to implement using open source tools and technologies. Here is a slide that evaluates the various options available for an open source implementation of SOA.

Find it here.

If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback about the post, please feel free to type it here and I will do my best to address them asap

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