Best Practices with Aqualogic Service Bus

I have been developing a lot many enterprise integration applications using Aqualogic Service Bus from BEA. It has been quite a nice experience first evaluating and then developing live. I must say i have been both amused and thrilled using the ALSB stack. But it has also been too frustrating at times. Here in this document i would talk about the various best practices one must adopt while using ALSB to both save time and write classy codes.

I hope the document would be useful. For any comments, suggestions or inquiries you can leave a message/comment here.

Find the document here

2 thoughts on “Best Practices with Aqualogic Service Bus

  1. Hi Arun

    I have seen your profile in LinkedIn and found that you worked for Accenture. Im working on ALSB since 2 years and also worked on WLI for about 2 years. There was an opening for ALSB in Accenture for the same (ALSB). Just want to know what questions can we expect in ALSB area or SOA/Middleware in Accenture.

    I appreciate if you could take time to reply!



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