Tracking SOA Suite Composite Instances with Business Indicators


Here are the two ways I have explored to add Business Field Names to Composite instances so that they can be searched through EM.

Approach 1

Use ora:setCompositeInstanceTitle() Xpath expression to assign/copy any value of business field to the composite Instance title.


Doing this will ensure that the value that we set here will appear in the EM under the column ‘Name’ for the composite instance.


Instances can then be searched using this ‘Name’ field in the EM console


The only limitation to this approach is that we can use only a single business indicator to the composite instance title. If we have more than once business indicator then we will have to probably concat all of them and then assign to compositeInstanceTitle value.

Overcoming Approach 1

The limitation above can be solved using Composite Sensors. We can add composite Sensors to the composite and assign the values of business fields to them. This way from the EM console the sensors can act as search keys that can be used to search process instances based on business fields.


And then from EM we can use these sensors as search keys to search instances



Also the values of these sensors are stored in COMPOSITE_SENSOR_VALUES table in the SOAINFRA schema. Hence we can even write an SQL to search on this table based on the search keys.

If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback about the post, please feel free to type it here and I will do my best to address them asap

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