Oracle Human Workflow Web Service APIs

Oracle SOA Suite offers an exhaustive set of both java and web service APIs for Human Workflows. In this blogpost i will show how we can use the two most important workflow webservices to query and update Human Tasks in Oracle SOA Suite 11g.

The two Taskflow webservices API’s that I would talk here about are


The TaskQueryService service can be accessed at your SOA suite installation at the below endpoint.


And the API is here


This webservice api has many useful methods to query tasks like getting task details, task history, query assignees of a task etc.

Tow important method in the API are getTaskDetailsByNumber and getTaskDetailsById that can be used to query task details from the task number that we see in the worklist user interface.


Now use any soap client to invoke the query service operation to see how it works


As you see that the entire task details has been retrieved. If we take a closer look at the response we would find thas the taskId is also retrieved. This taskId is required in many other operations of this webservice and it can be retrieved using the taskNumber.


There is one more operation queryTasks that can be used to query tasks based on various where clauses like the task state, the assignee, column name etc.


Another useful webservice is the TaskService that has practically all operations to modify any aspect of a task like adding/removing task comments, attachments, delegating, withdrawing and reassigning tasks, deleting or purging them etc.

We can go ahead and build our own custom user interface with underlying actions that are implemented by these operations. Or also call from service clients like OSB in case we need to do any custom task operations.

The service can be accessed at your SOA suite installation at the below endpoint.


And the full API can be viewed at


Here is a small demonstration explaining how we can add a comment to a task from the addComment operation of the service.

See how I have used the taskId that was retrieved from the getTaskDetailsByNumber operation is used to add comment to an existing task


Verify it in the workslist user interface to validate that the comment is added and appearing.


The above blog demonstrates some simple webservice operations using the Task service APIs. However they provide a very rich and exhaustive mechanism to do a great lot of important stuff with human tasks in Oracle SOA Suite 11g.


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