Change Logging Level of IntegratedWeblogicServer in JDeveloper

More often than not I use the IntegratedWeblogicServer that is bundled with JDeveloper while testing my composite applications on my local box.

One feature that every developer would realize if of great importance is setting the server log level for essential debugging purposes. And we also would need to change them frequently to change our logging needs.

The logging configuration for a domain in Oracle SOA Suite 11g is typically maintained in a logging.xml file situated under <Domain_Home>\config\fmwconfig\servers\<serverName> [soa_server1 or bam_server1 etc] to define the logging granularity.


One way to change the setting in the logging.xml file will be go configure it from the Enterprise Manager console


Another way to do it is by configuring it inside the JDeveloper by following on to the Configure Oracle Diagnostic Logging action.


This will open the logging.xml file in JDeveloper enabling us to set the logging level at each component level of the soa suite engine.


If we check the “Use Parent Handler” option then the parent log level is applied to all sub components of the engine. We can also set custom log level for each child subcomponent as well.


Changing and saving these configurations will change the logging.xml file. Open it in an XML editor and view the changes. The file now contains custom logging level set for the components as selected in the JDeveloper window.


This example also demonstrate how organizational architects can define a single logging.xml file for a particular environment that can be used cross domains by copying it into the domain directory.

I however still have to verify whether changing the log levels in this file should require a server restart for the affect to take place.


If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback about the post, please feel free to type it here and I will do my best to address them asap

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