Overcoming Reporting Limitations in Oracle BAM 11g

The Problem

If you are working with Oracle BAM I am sure at times you would see a report screen as below that says “The Chart you have created produces more elements than can be viewed. Limit your data by applying filters or removing groups and try again”. Most annoying isn’t it?


There are a number of reasons that may lead to this kind of a screen in the report.

  • If you are using a Bar Chart to display series of data, sometimes the number of series (i.e vertical columns) that can be added is constrained. Overshooting the limit will cause this behavior.
  • In cases of Stacked Chart reports or when you are displaying historical data in BAM there is a limit on the number of hours for which the report can be generated. If we select a wider window we may end up with this situation

The Workaround

The workaround for this problem is quite simple. Its just a matter of figuring it out. We have to change some values in the BAMWebConfig.xml properties file.

All Oracle BAM properties are located in configuration files. These files are located in the following directory on the host where the Oracle BAM components are installed:


*tmpDir is just a suggestive name. There will be a couple of randomly generated folder names. The temporary directory containing the APP-INF folder is where we need to look into.

Changing the value of ChartsMaxGroupsAllowed element in the file and setting it to a higher value will solve the issue.

The default value is 100. Increasing it to a higher value and we restarting the BAM Managed server will now allow the reports to be displayed without the error message.


Now however there is no ideal and recommended size for this element. One size would certainly not fit all requirements. The value has to be determined depending upon the reporting usage.

And the catch certainly is that since we would be storing more data in the BAM ADC now this might affect the overall performance.

Interestingly I had previously assumed that this property can also be set from the EM console by modifying the BAM Web MBeans. However to my surprise this property cannot be reset through MBeans.



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