Import/Export your Business Data Objects in Oracle BPM

Business Catalogues in any Business Process Management solution plays a very vital role. They act as a repository to store and manage all assets and artifacts being used in the process. Hence they are the building blocks of any process implementation.

Another important use of Business Catalogue is the ability to share and reuse assets across different business processes and functions.

For example consider a SalesProcess have defined a CustomerInformation data type in one of their business processes. There is another process for CreditCardApproval that need to cross use this Business data type. Sharing the schema on which the data type is built is one way. Another way is to use the entire object as is.


Starting with PS4 release of Oracle BPM Suite 11g and its subsequent JDeveloper design time plug-in we can import/export the entire Data Objects from the Business Catalogue that can be used across multiple process.


The Business Catalogue data objects are exported as .bob files.

Exported Catalogue can be likewise imported in other BPM processes.


This small post describes a useful and important feature addition in the JDeveloper plug-in for Oracle BPM suite 11g.


10 thoughts on “Import/Export your Business Data Objects in Oracle BPM

  1. Hi arun,

    i created two business objects. Each business object contain one arraylist component as attribute. In a human taskflow form, created a dropdown (project list) using payload for the first business object. similarly created a one more dropdown list (project activity list) for the second business object using payload. When i will select the project, the project activity list automatically refresh based on selection and has to show only the corresponding project activity values. I did the following for getting page refresh. The first dropdown made the autosubmit = “true”, second dropdown added partialtrigger = “id of first dropdown”. After deploying the application, when i will select the first dropdown (project list) of any project, it will refresh automatically the second dropdown (project activity list) based on partial trigger and point to the first activity of corresponding project. Eventhough it points to the corresponding activity, it will list other project activities in the second dropdown, according to me it should not be there. When i will select a project in the first dropdown, it has to show corresponding activities in the second dropdown. I used select one choice to display the dropdown. The following way, i did dropdown for displaying in the .jspx page of human taskflow page


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