Oracle SOA Suite 11g: Advanced Administration Topics

A few days ago, i had the pleasure to announce the release of my upcoming handbook on Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administration Handbook. It is my privilege once again to let everyone know that Chapter 10 of our book, that deals with some advanced administration topic is available as a free download from the publisher’s website. Here is the link for the chapter.

In addition to this chapter, the sample code for the book, containing a handful of administration scripts, can also be downloaded from

The entire table of content of the book can be see here

I am thrilled by the number of emails and accolades I have received so far with respect to the contents of the book. I am sure this would be useful to both Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administrators and Developers alike.

One thought on “Oracle SOA Suite 11g: Advanced Administration Topics

  1. Hi Arun, thanks for the great book. One question regarding Chapter 10. I downloaded the code from but that does not contain the script for Chapter 10, the in particularly. Can you share a link for that? Thank you.


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